Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dog Hot Days of Doha!

Our month of may was full of stuff but most of all it was just so dang HOT.   Seemed to get hot earlier this year and we had a ton of ugly dust storms.  Never the less we kept things cooled off as best we could at the beach or the pool and of course still managed to have a good time!

Playing at our compound pool ever chance we get. 
 Every Tuesday the American school has a 1/2 day.  Its pretty awesome. Gives mamas and kiddos a chance to fuel up for the rest of the week. We made a habit of hanging with our friends every Tuesday for lunch and swimming.  
Scott girls and Georgia and Brooks.
 We also made a habit of gathering up with a few of our favorite compound peeps for Thursday night pot luck dinner at the pool.  Compound living can't be replaced.  Its kinda like living at the dorm in college.  Friends right next door living in a little bubble. So thankful!
 Jerry, Dan and Nick
 We spent one Saturday at the beach.  Our motivation was to get the dogs out for some exercise and good times.  But of course we all loved it.  Just like compound living, the beach is such an awesome perk for living in Doha.
 Most of Qatar is pretty ooogly except for the huge sand dunes and gulf water.
 Poor dogs!
 PBJs for the Bear
 lovin it!
 gotta love the timer and Bear, the poser ;)
Celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite people living here in the sandbox...well anywhere for that matter.   Funny funny girl!
 Daddy and the boys started a little project in our backyard/garden.  This is a compound version of a tree house without the easily accessible supplies to build it.  So its a work in progress...
Breakfast at Ric's Country Kitchen with our Doha cuzzies Cres and Emery!
and some more swimming! 
God bless the dust and those who survive it!
View of West Bay skyline through all the dust.
A few swimming lessons to get us on our way! 


Emma & Simon said...

My husband has just been offered a job in Doha which we are very excited about. We noticed in your post that you have two dogs and so I wondered what your experience has been taking your pets with you? We have a two year old golden retriever who we'd love to bring with us but we're not sure if it would be the right thing for him. Did your dogs have to go into quarantine? How do they cope with the heat? Was it easy to find accomodation with your dogs? Are there plenty of dog friendly places to walk them or is it just too hot?
Emma & Simon

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