Thursday, October 4, 2012

Skipping ahead - Back to School!

We had the most perfect summer vacation after finishing up the school year last June.  I will get back to those memories and special days but for now I'm jumping ahead so that I don't forget more details than I already have.  

Brooks started a few days ahead of Barrett because ASD likes to give the little their own first day without a bunch of big kids cramping their style.  So off he went to 1st grade!! He was so excited and more than ready!! 
 Humidity was so thick you could taste it!!  Which is why photos were taken indoors!
 Finding his locker/cubby...very excited!
His amazing teacher Mrs. Beck! Love her and so thankful for great teachers.  Now I get why moms are so crazy excited when their kids get a good teacher.  Its so important and they spend sooo much time with them!! She rocks!! 
 Sweet goodbyes from Georgie!
After school snack with the whole gang! 
An after school present that was high up on the list of "wants".  Back in Texas B had major melt down at Bed Bath and Beyond because mommy wouldn't buy him a $20 tervis cup on the spot.  Teaching moment that came very close to CPS intervention.  It was a very good afternoon when he opened this little sussy after his first day of first grade. 
 This first grader is #1 for sure at our house!!  We love him and can't wait to see what happens this year.  He's already upped his game with a lot more reading and homework...which also means mommy has to up her game and try not to pass on the same shotty study habits I mastered so well a few years ago. 
 A few days later it was time to kick off a new year at ASD for Barrett as a Kindergartener.  His adjustment to KG wasn't like it would be in the US because he was at ASD for PreK last year.  The only difference is a longer day. 
 And Little Missy was off to her first day of school too.  She is going to Apple Tree every Monday and Wednesday. 
 We all headed for ASD to drop Barrett off for his first day of KG.  Ran into our buddies at the gate. 
Barrett and Cres (Cres's first day of PreK)
 With the dragon!
 Literally skipping...he was so excited!!
 Happy to find his cubbie right away!
 And his fabulous teacher Mrs. Yamazaki!!! She is so amazing with incredible xperience at other international schools as well as lots of teaching in California.  She teaches the usual ASD curriculum and adds tons of her own that she's used at other schools.  Over achiever and I couldn't be more happy we benefit from that!  Barrett is constantly singing her songs and repeating what she's taught them!!  I feel so blessed he has her teaching him at such a foundational time!!
Little Missy sat down like she was starting Kindergarten too. 
 Off to Apple Tree with daddy!  This is the same nursery the boys went to.  Amazing place!
Georgia sat right down, jumped right in and had the best time on her first day.  Not at all what we were expecting. 
 Donut treats to celebrate first days!!
 One more little something for Kindergartener. 
I can't leave this picture out.  I took a ton of diapers to Georgia's school so they're stocked up when she needs them.  We know we're back in Doha when we loose the American Elmo character and have the camel! Gotta love it and what's not to love when they're really good diapers.

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Jeff and Michelle said...

What a great recount of all the first days of school for everyone - so glad they all have such loving environments!