Monday, March 12, 2012

February happnins!

I've been taking a break from the internet for a variety of reasons but I've gotta keep up with a few memories.  Time is flying by and I can hardly believe we're almost neck deep into Spring.  Here's to catching up...
February started off with a big Tball party and celebration for finally finishing the season...whew!  The boys are pretty big ballers when it comes to the bat and ball but we were ready for a break.  God bless the slowest sport a 4 year old can play and a parent can watch!!
Nick decided early that he wasn't going to coach this year for a few reasons.  Funny sometimes how God suckers you into doing just what you thought you weren't going to do. Not only did he coach, he coordinated the whole darn Tball league and did an awesome job!  Nick is such a great leader...sitting on the sidelines would be a shame. Plus as soon as his boys heard he wasn't going to coach it took about 1/2 second for their disappointment to talk him into it.  He was so patient and encouraging to kids who had a wide range of baseball experience.  
Trophy presentation and end of year party
T- Ball surviving sisters! 
Valentines Day was a success at ASD.  We celebrated the day before since Qatar had a national holiday with no school/work on February 14th.  Being homeroom mom has its ups and downs when you volunteer for 2 classes.  I'm surprised how much I really enjoy it.  The teachers are awesome and I'm beginning to understand how important it is just to be at school and in the mix of everything.  Its a full load of partying when it comes to holidays.  So far I've been able to plan the same party by just buying double for both classes and always hoping that the party times are different. 
All the KG parents were invited to an afternoon tea and Valentine exchange with their Kindergartener.  Nick and I were asked to send in separate valentines for Brooks and he wrote a special valentine for us. 
 Brooks and I reading our valentines to each other.
After a snack we had some fun on the playground with our kindergarteners!
Also that week ASD had a spirit day. Students were supposed to dress up like book characters.  
I'm running out of sweatshirt ideas! 
We finished off our week with ASD out of school on Thursday.  
So we shared the day and sun with Emery and Cres.  


Caryn said...

I've missed you online. :) Seriously I kept thinking man, I could really use a Wendi post where is that girl. Reminds me how much just keeping up with your blog makes me feel in touch with you!! LOVE the boys book character costumes and t-ballers. Love you and miss you!!

Lindsey said...

I was missing your posts!! Gorgeous pictures as always. :)