Monday, March 26, 2012

Barrett is FIVE!

We started off March with little Bear celebrating his 5th birthday!  How is it possible? He is just a special piece to our family pie. Growing up and following in his brother's footsteps but also giving him a run for his money.  He's Georgia's favorite playmate and so far the child that God has richly blessed with the gift of sensitivity.  For others and himself too.
We started his day with birthday calls, skype visits and cards from all the grandparents.  Then on to cinnamon rolls, followed by church.   
After church we came home for lunch and a few presents.  Barrett didn't want anything specific for his birthday. He's so easy to please and it didn't matter what we would have given, he would have been thrilled.  
The big surprise gift was a fish!  Barrett loved it and Brooks was simply in shock. Best $27 every spent. (side note, Cutter the fish only lived 20 days...we knew buying the fish meant dealing with the loss... burial by flush and after spring break we'll be getting another fishy.)
After presents we were off to the school's largest even and fundraiser all year.  ASD's Friendship Festival.  Perfect birthday afternoon playing games and eating good food. 
Turned out to be a very dusty yucky afternoon.  That weekend was only the beginning of a horrible month filled with dust.  This is nothing compared to other dust storms in the last few weeks. 
  Wrapped up our evening with friends and burgers.  Emery and Cres, plus their cousin John.  
One last present that Barrett wanted so badly!
 Happy Birthday to my precious Bear.  He doesn't mind being the baby boy and I love it that way!! Can't believe he's 5 and that he's spent the majority of his life living in Doha.  God has been so good to our family by giving us Barrett.  Joy describes him perfectly!

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