Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Field Trippin with KG-D

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to help out and check the pulse of Brooks' kindergarten class b going on a field trip.  Brooks has a very sweet spirit about him and he's very driven to please.  But I find myself fully immersed in the life of parenting young boys.  He keeps finding himself in "rough" situations on the playground at recess.  So this field trip came at perfect timing for me to check things out.  Brooks' teacher is absolutely wonderful and has more patience with boys than I knew was possible. She truly wants Brooks to be his best and what's really amazing is that she takes the time to know Brooks and what he's really like, instead of just chalking it up to an annoying crazy boy.
The field trip was a lot of fun and I will soak up every second of Brooks' wish and love for me to there with him.  The entire KG took buses to a Katara Cultural center and then we had a picnic at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Brooks and some other KGers taking pictures with their paper cameras they made and wore around their necks.  Pretty cute and they were totally into it!
We were on a scavenger hunt in small groups to locate major structures and dominate architecture at Katara.  First up...my favorite ;) the enormous arabic bird house.  The bird-hater in me cringed but its actually pretty.  We moved quickly on to our next stop.
My group..including Brooks' favorite friend he likes to play rough with at recess. Isn't that just perfect.  I love how his teacher arranged that.
Brooks' class 
Here comes trouble at the Gold Mosque
I'm so thankful to report that Brooks has reigned it in and we've found a good balance of playing hard with some self control.  Kinda hard to discourage a little boy with God given aggression to take it easy but its worked out although I'm still worn out from the field trip. We had a lot of fun together and I have even greater respect for our teachers. 

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kate said...

I love your kids. I wish I knew them. B sounds a lot like a wild boy I know. They could get into some trouble together being wild, rough, and aggressive on the playground. I'm with you, I'm glad he is all boy but that doesn't make it easy! Btw, pics are so clear and beautiful. New camera?