Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jen Does Doha!

After giving Jen the Dubai tour we were back to reality in Doha.  Obviously the usual school routine and Junod household carried on as usual but we added some fun stuff all week long since we had a visitor. 

Monday we picked Barrett up from school, met Nick for lunch and introduced Jen to our favorite Middle Eastern (lebanese) restaurant.  She didn't hesitate and loved it!  At a girl! 
Georgia adored Jen!
Later that afternoon we attempted to drive down to the Corniche to catch the sunset but totally got stuck in traffic so we stayed closer to home and enjoyed a little scooter time at Aspire park. 
Of course we do live in Doha and the park was closed for no apparent reason. Georgia wasn't happy about it. 
Tuesday morning we hit Hong Kong Beauty Center for a Chinese massage.  Not super swanky and lets just say the spa atmosphere is lacking...but we got some great massages! 
Next up was (hole in the wall) Thai Snack for lunch, one of my favorite restaurants in Doha. The most delicious pad thai, fried shrimp, spring rolls, etc.
  Once again, it was Jen's first Thai experience and it was successful. 
Tuesday afternoon we left the little people at home and enjoyed afternoon Tea at the Ritz.  If you think that's a normal activity for me, YOU ARE CRAZY.  The English influence of tea is serious in Doha!  They don't mess around so why not join in!  
My dear friend Dede Jackson joined us because Dede and Jen's mom are friends from Dallas.  Jen and Dede have always known of each other but had never actually met until Doha.  After tea we popped by to see Dede's beautiful apartment on the Pearl with a stunning view!
My mom has always said that when someone loves your kids they love you too.  Isn't it the truth!  Aunt Jen was so playful and thoughtful of my babies.  And she didn't have to be!  She's was on a mommy break!  But she just jumped right in to the Junod house and everyone loved her for it. 
Wednesday morning we did some shopping and hit the Souqs.  
Recently they added camels to the Souq area for a little ambiance, I guess.  Don't mind the usual Doha construction.
And Wednesday night Lindsay and hosted a jewelry party for Jen to sell some Stella and Dot.  We totally had to talk her into doing it.  And now she understands how desperate American expats can be for a little something from home.  We had a lot of fun, plus I got to wear her jewelry all week long!   Jen got to meet some of our sweet friends and she easily sold some jewelry! 
The day had arrived...Jen's only ride a camel!  We took a little drive, enjoyed the desert scenery and got that girl on a camel! 
oops...i forgot to tell her to hold on when the camel gets up.
Georgia and Jen riding a camel for the first time 
Thursday night we all enjoyed dinner at the Pearl
eye candy pix for Jen's hubs, Mark
Friday was departure day.
We spend the day just hanging out together.  We went out for lunch and then back home to lay by the pool for the afternoon.   Dinner at the Harris's and then sweet Jen took off for her long journey home at 10:00pm.
I am so thankful for not just Jen's trip to Doha but our time together and how refreshing it was!  We haven't spend that amount of quality time together in a very long time.  Our circumstances may keep us from seeing each other but I think they've tied us together in a special way that we could have never had otherwise. 
Thank you Jen for every bit of sacrifice and effort it took to come see this place we call home.  You blessed me in ways I didn't know I needed!  The timing of your visit and your specific friendship was divine.  I will always treasure the memories we shared together out here in the sand.  Who in the world would have ever guessed it??  I love you precious friend! 


Bethany Habecker said...

LOVE all these pictures!!!!!!!

Katy said...

what a fun visit and trip!!

and--i totally have those S&D big gold earrings with the green stones that you were wearing. good taste! ;)