Thursday, December 15, 2011

London with the Chapmans - 2

After a full day with 6 kids we were excited for a adult night out.  We ran home to drop the littles off with the ever-so-brave babysitter and freshen up a tiny bit before taking the train into the city.   It was seriously so fun to just follow the Chapman's lead and especially Chuck that evening.  He knew the trains and streets like the back of his hand.  That's the way to travel!  
We went to a delicious and totally chic Indian restaurant for dinner.
  After dinner we were off to the greatest show on earth...WICKED!
Before the show we tasted a treat from the Elixir Bar. 
The Chapmans have seen Wicked a few times before and now I completely understand why they were thrilled to see it again with us.  I have never in my life heard a voice as good as Elphaba, the green witch. The costumes were insane too.  Absolutely incredible show!!
Not sure if it was good or bad for Nathan to have Brooks and Barrett invade.  Obviously we didn't leave our rough-housing in Doha!
 We had another fun day.  Christine took me to the local British grocery store so I could stock up on snacks for the week. I was amazed to recognize so much.  The British influence in Doha is all over the place.  After packing up a picnic lunch we headed for the park on the Thames river (same river that run right through London).
Our picnic went from just chilly to a cold down pour!  Christine caught these hilarious pictures.  We made a mad dash for the cars. What a great memory!
Drowned rats!  Bless em. 
After drying off we enjoyed the afternoon together just playing and hanging out.  Just before leaving, the kids cracked the crackers.  Perfect time to celebrate! We love our British turned friends! Seriously, I heard Nathan call dessert "sweets"" and french fries "chips".
Check out the Chapmans Home away from Home!  I loved it and was a tiny big jealous.  So much character and wow just a tiny bit different than compound living in the desert.  Each have their was just refreshing to walk on carpet and enjoy their backyard and garage. 
BIG thank you to our incredible hosts and treasured friends!  Our trip to London started with the best.  We wanted to take the Chapmans with us for the rest of the time.  We had so much fun and our kids loved every second.  We have kept in touch over the last 3 years and not a bit has changed since we've seen each other.  Our time together was refreshing and encouraging as we do this expat thing.  Can't wait for the next time!  Love you Chapmans!! 
 (Thankfully this wasn't the last time I got to see Christine, because she and Megan made a special trip into the city for one last visit)


Lindsey said...

I am DYING to see Wicked! You have sparked me to check out some cities around the US to see where it's playing. I am also dying to visit London someday. Maybe I can drop bigger hints to the hubs. ;)

Caryn said...

I have been anxiously anticipating these posts. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip!!! I CAN'T WAIT, CAN'T WAIT, CAN'T WAIT to see you on SAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Shannon said...

What an amazing trip! Wee bit jealous over here in Allen, Texas! I, too, have ALWAYS wanted to see Wicked! Again - Jealous! :-) Love you and cannot tell you how good it was for my soul to see you and your family yesterday. Jealous (man, you have brought out my jealousy!) that all the Waco peeps will see you Sat and I won't be there! :-)