Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapman Fun in London - 1

We left Doha on Friday morning early and headed half way home to land at Heathrow Airport in London.  Our dear college/expat friends the Chapmans live outside the city.  Close to Windsor in Egham (I think).  Still trying to figure out the organization of residential areas in England.  Lets just say, I was totally enticed and a little jealous.  The grass was really really green compared to Doha literally and figuratively.  I LOVED England but mostly I would just love to live this expat life along side Christine.  We share so many similar interests and have so much in common, not to mention she's so fun to hang out with and a great mom.  As she said "we were food for each others soul" last week.  Expat living brings people together in such a unique way.  The Chapmans have an really special place in our hearts and we had an absolute blast together at their home away from home.

Christine put together a welcome basket full of British stuff...so adorable. Such a great hostess! 

Chuck came home early from work and after catching up we headed to the cutest little pub for dinner! 
How can you turn down the standard fish and chips which were spectacular!!
The kids turned to cousins in about 1/2 a second.  They met as tiny babies and were fast friends this time.
Jet lag in full swing.  Brooks out cold before we finished dinner. 
The Junods so kindly brought with us the absolute worst Crayola product ever.  We instantly destroyed the Chapman's carpet and hands with a big marker mess.    
We were up at out the door early on Saturday morning.  It was so fun to see the sites by way of our tour guides and have such fun company for the kids.
1000 year old Windsor Castle, where the Queen spends her weekends

Christine and me
Pic in front of the famous red phone booth
Such a fun shopping area in Windsor
Complete with a very sophisticated English Salvation Army Band playing Christmas carols
After visiting the castle we were off to a beautiful enormous park complete with gorgeous gardens,  visitors center, gift shop and restaurant.
The Chapmans treated us to a horse drawn carriage ride. 
We learned all kinds of things about the property and the Queens influence of it.  We saw a spot where The Kings Speech was filmed and heard about the Qatari Emir's home who wasn't far from where we were.  Fascinating! 
These trees are from the 1700's
Lunch after our ride with the most delicious food! Seriously the "casual" dining experience in England puts the typical American cafe to shame!!
Proof of the deliciousness: homemade scones and homemade clotted cream and jam! UNBElIEVABLE! 
After lunch we headed back to the quaint area of downtown Windsor.  We were in a rush to find a place to park, (nervous we might get a ticket) and we pressed on through the crowd and found a perfect place to to watch the Reindeer parade.  We had planned on this little event for a long time.
We waited and we waited with great anticipation for the big parade to start...then they came...this cute little band that stopped right in front of us...
Don't blink you might miss the 2 (lab sized) reindeer and Santa Father Christmas.

After the parade we were all so incredibly shocked by the length of entertainment.  We laughed at our Texas sized expectations, especially when Brooks asked where all the floats were.  We're still raising that boy right even if he hasn't seen a Baylor Homecoming parade in 3 years. 


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