Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THop comes to Doha!

One of my best friends from Baylor and Houston truly graced us with her precious presence for an entire week. Over the summer she offered to come check out our Doha life and then help me and Junod babies fly back to Texas for Christmas. That task is not for the weak or the single parent!! What a treat for the entire Junod family. We had such a special week! Tracy's sister, Amy who is a world traveler wanted to visit the Middle East so she came along for the adventure and we enjoyed her company as well.

Never hurts to kick some jet lag with a little spa treatment! Amy, Tracy and I soaked up an awesome massage at the Sharq Spa the morning after they arrived.

Can you tell how excited I am? I'm smiling so big my eyes are shut!

Check out the dress. This photo doesn't capture the bling.

Spent the afternoon on the corniche. Amy is an incredible photgrapher. Her pictures are mixed in this post. She's amazing!

Amy's pics that shouldn't be mistaken for mine. Its obvious!!

The next day Tracy and Amy took a dune bashing trip out in the desert. Because of parental responsibilities and the weekly routine we didn't go but here's THop on the camel!!

Aunt Tracy spoiled these boys like crazy. She came with suitcase full of fun things.

Souq Waqif for shopping, people watching and lunch

Falcon souq

Amy took these pictures of Georgia.

Georgia made friends

Afternoon at the Pearl

Tasty treats, great weather and beautiful view from the Chocolate Bar

Amy snapped this while we sat in the usual Doha traffic.

Souqs at night for a little ladies night. Tracy and I found these fun marcasite rings for a good deal.

Bobble heads in the souqs

These guys invited us into their "mens club". Of course we jumped on the opportunity to take a picture. They are posing, not actually playing which is pretty funny.

This is a little random but the Baylor Alums in our house last week were pretty proud of Brooks' school spirit. He colored this in his free time at school by memory. Pretty accurate.

More pictures to come from our trip to Dubai.


Middle Matilda said...

Well, not to knock the photography skills of your friend Amy, but how could she go wrong with the beautiful Junod kids as a subject? That one of the arab guys smiling at her is a treasure!

Lindsey said...

What a treat!

Those photos are amazing, but yours are always fabulous too. :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Yay for Tracy and her acts of servitude. Wish I could have been there with you and THop! Such fun photos and stories. Can't wait to see both of you!