Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Program at Preschool

While we were spending time in Dallas Brooks had the opportunity to be at student at Honey's school, Parkway Hills in Plano. It was such a blessing for so many reasons. For one thing, he got to participate in their Christmas program.

A few of Brooks' biggest fans (Ash and Graham were there too)

Honey aka Mrs. Jerry doin' her thing!

At this moment in time I had a little heart-opening experience. I witnessed a side of Brooks' I thought would never be. I have assumed Brooks would always be "the shy little boy". He always takes some time to warm up but the Christmas program proved me completely wrong. I'm convinced his last few months at ASD and his phenomenal teacher have given him confidence that just needed to be developed. Needless to say I was so proud! And so grateful Honey let Brooks be a guest student at Parkway Hills.

Mr. C is Brooks and Mr. R is his buddy Stacey who we've known for many years!

Brooks and Stacey after the program having some cookies

Stacey, Wyatt and Brooks

Stacey and Wyatt's mama, Caryn and me. Plus her additional twin boys cooked and ready!

Mrs. Carol and Brooks
Thank you Mrs. Carol for so generously welcoming Brooks to your class. What a special experience!

Hanging out in Honey's office

Lou Lou and Barrett


shannonmichaelis said...

I just love that Brooks got to go to Honey's school! Also love that he was a performer - so wish I could have seen that side of him! Enjoy the fam...

Jackie said...

This is just so sweet...I'm so glad he was able to participate and attend Honey's school. I know ya'll have been looking forward to this for a long time! :) All 3 of your kiddos look too cute in these pictures.

Shannon Family said...

It was so neat to have Brooks part of the program. Your family is just precious. We love your mom and are so thankful for Parkway Hills. Avery has done so well and screams as we pass the school.
I hope you all have a safe trip home.
Heather Shannon