Monday, December 13, 2010

Pushing through the jetlag!

Jet lag has been a bear this go round. We've stayed busy but we've suffered from severe sleepiness at the most random times.
Here we are on our way out the door for donuts, Starbucks and Walmart at about 6:30.

I have always dreamed of my kids going to Honey's school but knew it was pretty much impossible since we lived in Houston and now Doha. Timing has been perfect for this. Brooks is missing school in Doha but he's been a guest student this week at Parkway Hills. Barrett passed on the idea. Brooks is having a blast to say the least and what's even better is that he's going to participate in their Christmas program. Wish Daddy was here!

Brooks with this ginger bread house he made in Mrs. Carol's class.

Hot dogs and marshmallows outside over the fire pit!

Georgia has been a trooper and has suffered the least from jetlag!

This week we took Georgia for her 6 mo well-baby visit. We were a little late but it was worth the wait to see Dr. Hart, my cousin! Chafen works at Pediatricians of Dallas where we've always gone to visit my uncle, Dr. Watkins (Chafen's dad). They are both awesome!

Little Georgia is just that...little!
--7 1/2 month stats--
WT: 16 1/2 lbs (15%)
HT: 26 1/2 in (24%)
HC: 43 cm (24%)


Sabina said...

So, so cute seeing the Bs and G bundled up!!!! LOVE the photo of the DRs with G!!! So glad you guys are doing well, despite jet lag!! Miss you 5!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the smores over the fire pit! Can't wait to see Lil Georgia!

Katy said...

Georgia has changed SO much! Love love love these heartwarming moments with your TX peeps. And your uncle is such a cute doctor with his bowtie! :)