Monday, October 26, 2009

Holding Baby Graham!

Last week I got to spend almost 5 whole days with The Sister and The Baby Boy, Graham! What an incredible week. I'm so thankful God planned it the way he did. Why do I always thing I have everything under control and planned the way it should be! For months, I was planning to be in Dallas for Graham's arrival but the doc insisted he arrive sooner. Instead of being born on October 19th, Ashley was induced on October 14th. Obviously my flight was a little late but instead of hanging around the hospital being worthless for Ash, I got to be with them for their first week at home. I was able to give my mom a break so she could go to work for a few days and sleep in her own bed. Plus, I was able to help Ashley and Dave with both kiddos when duty called. It was such a blessing to me. It takes living in the middle east to get that opportunity. If I still lived in Houston, I wouldn't have left the boys and Nick for a week to stay at Ashley's house. So all that to say our week was full of lots of memories and moments I'll never forget. Had I missed meeting my first nephew I would have been pretty miserable! Also got some special time with Anna Lou!
HUGE thanks to my incredible husband who got the Bees all packed up ready to go every morning and picked them up right after work for the normal nightly routine. Also BIG thanks to my precious friends who kept the boys while Nick was at work. This time last year I prayed God would give me one Christian friend. He's given me way more than that and these special girls help make my life complete in Doha. Thank you Jackie, Amy and Karen!! The boys had a blast. Nick unfortunately started off the week with a little food poisoning and then they ended their week with Brooks puking at Amy's house a few times. ugh! Poor Amy! Other than that the week was a success. Needless to say they picked up a few extra Happy Meal toys while I was gone but who cares when they get good lovin'!


Lou Lou and her Halloween cookie

Daddy and Anna at bath time

Happy Birthday Ash! What a treat to celebrate her birthday too!


Aunt Rosie (basically our babies' great grandmother)

Graham's first bath



See you soon G-dog and I'll bring your crazy cousins next time! They can teach you how to be rough and you can teach them how to be quiet and careful with a baby! They're gonna need it!
I love you little buddy!


angie said...

Ahhhhh he's so CUTE! It is so cool how God works out all the little details. I hope you have recovered from your terribly long flight. Great pictures

shannonmichaelis said...

so glad you were there to help out - don't we all wish we had a sis like you! great close up photos of the little man, and those piggies as well. such fun that you are adding to your ever-expanding family!

Shannon said...

What an incredible time that must have been. How I wish I could get that opportunity with one of my sisters one day! But like you said - probably not possible if you live here and have children at home to get back to. Love you and miss you! Can't wait for Dec. to get here!

Katy said...

So sweet! Everything! I love seeing sisters together. So neat! And--that little Graham is a peanut! The cutest! Of course---Anna Lou--goes without saying!!!
Hope you're feeling well! :)