Thursday, October 8, 2009

News from the Middle East!

Our future family portrait

Here's the NEWS from across the SEA.
Instead of TWO there will now be THREE!
(author: Honey)

We are excited to announce Baby Junod #3 is on the way expected in April.

Where will you have the baby?

Have you been to the doctor yet?
Actually I've already been to the doctor in Dallas and will get the opportunity to do that a couple more times when in town over the next few months. And I have also already been to the doctor in Doha. I just had my 12 week appointment where we met the doc and heart a great heartbeat! I will have a standard 12 week thorough ultrasound next week.

Who is your doctor in Doha?
Dr. Deniz (her first name). Dr. D is a very high qualified female, Iraqi, Muslim doctor. We really liked her and felt she covered every detail that an American doctor would be concerned about.

Will you find out what you're having? When?
We WILL and it should be in early December before we head back to Texas for Christmas.

Where will you deliver?
Ah Ahli Hospital (private hospital in Doha) Very similar to a Western hospital. Looks and feels the same.

Is it safe and do they know what they are doing?
So far everything we've heard and experienced has exceeded our expectations and been completely up to American standards. They follow a normal schedule of routine doctor visits, ultrasounds and tests. For L&D things appear to be very similar as well. Epidurals, Inductions, C-Sections, etc...all very common.

Do you know anyone who has had a baby there?
YES! One of my very best friends here, Jackie had a baby last November. She has been literally a gift from God for many reasons. She loved her experience here and actually enjoyed it more than her first, where she delivered in Houston.

Why wouldn't you just come home to have the baby?
My doctor in Dallas would insist that I fly back to Texas for the entire last trimester if I wanted to deliver in the US. Therefore I would be leaving Nick and pulling the boys out of our normal Doha life in mid-January. I honestly can't imagine the separation and disruption of routine without Nick and away from our home. Ultimately it's not how our family should function if we don't have to.
One year ago we trusted God to follow Him to Doha and today we're convicted to continue and trust Him with our baby as well. There is no perfect hospital or doctor. We know and believe God is All-knowing and He will ultimately take care of every detail that's involved. I continually have to remind myself of God's goodness and blessings since we've been here. He's been so faithful to provide more than we've ever prayed for or imagined. I know He will do this same for this pregnancy and delivery. I have found that when I'm disciplined and intimate with God, then I find a great amount of comfort. It is completely by His grace that I can have peace in this circumstance. Being away from family and the comfort zone of sweet T.E.X.A.S, plus in the middle of the desert, across the world might be my last choice for having a baby. But the Truth is that God is good all the time. He will take great care of us and we will rely on Him completely...No doctor, test, hospital, etc.
A few verses I find myself reading often...
Jos 24:17 He protected us on our entire journey.
2 Sam 22:2 He is my Rock, my Fortress and Deliverer.
2 Thessalonians 3:16 Now may the Lord of Peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with all of you!
Isa 12:2 I will trust and not be afraid.

When will you come home to Texas to introduce the new baby?
We have plans to come home 4-6 weeks after the baby arrives (mid to the end May). My cousin, Louisa is getting married and we wouldn't miss it. Plus Brooks has been honored to walk the isle in her wedding. Not sure what our summer plans will be exactly, but we'll definitely have an extended stay like last summer.

What do the boys think of having a new baby?
They are excited. We just told them last night. We made Brooks guess the surprise by giving him hints. A couple of his guesses "ball, basket, robot, dog, chair, table" Once he figured it out he looked back and forth from Nick to me, just looking at my tummy very confused. Then he finally said "B...Baby?" Brooks, and Barrett too have been talking about the baby quite a bit today but as expected it hasn't changed much of their wild world quite yet :)

I'm sorry for the lack of personal touch by announcing this on our blog rather than a phone call or at least a personal email. The time change and our 2 crazy little camels keep me from being on the phone at convenient US times.

We (and our families) covet your prayers as we prep for baby #3!


angie said...

YAHOO!!!! I am thrilled for you guys. I actually was a little teary just thinking about what an amazing journey you all have been on and how God is faithful and true. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you are feeling ok. Much prayer and love headed your way.

I guess I should be expecting news from your twin, Caryn any day now, Huh:-)

Blair said...

congratulations wendi! that is so exciting! we are also expecting #3...and found out last week we are having a little girl! i'm still pretty much in shock, but very excited! i will be praying for you and a healthy pregnancy!it looks like ya'll had a great time here in tx with family and friends! glad ya'll are doing well! can't wait to see what you're having!
blair (dooley) holman

Shannon said...

LOVE the camels and so incredibly proud of you for your trust and faith in God throughout this entire pregnancy! You are right - he has brought you there for a reason and he is not about to leave you now that this precious baby is on its way! I am thrilled that this is now public knowledge and we can shout it from the rooftops! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! YIPPEE!! Love you so very much! And I am with Angie - let's get the ball rolling Caryn! :-)

Hillary Kouba said...

Yeah!!! I am so excited for you and I love the post...all questions I was thinking but now have answers to! I'll be praying for most importantly, a healthy baby, but secondly for a change of pace and a possible little princess to rule the Junod family! Congratulations! Four months into having three kids, let's just say it's a good thing your boys are older and this baby is a little farther apart! Take care!

Caryn said...

I am teary and giddy all at once. LOVE the camel picture - too cute and your Q&A was such a perfect way to answer what you know would have been repeated questions again and again. The verses you listed are such precious words of encouragement and an obvious marker of your amazing faith in God and commitment to his plans for your family. I love you so much and can not wait for this PRECIOUS baby to get here. So glad that the cat, or camel as it were, is out of the bag and we can talk freely to anyone who will listen about how excited I am about baby Junod #3. Love you!!!

Ashley Hall said...

Awesome post! Great info and you know everyone was wondering all of those things. I just thought about how cool it will be for this little nugget to tell people where he was born. I'm sure he will get a lot of "WHERE?!" Then they will ask him/her if his/her parents were missionaries. And he can say, "kinda:)" I love you so much and this baby so much! Praying for all FIVE of you!!

nanflan said...

This is what happens when you have a romantic summer vacation in Venice! Super exciting news! Praying and much love from the Flans!

Katy said...

Oh Wendi! I am SOOOOOOO excited!! Wish I could hug your neck! You and that baby are going to be just F-I-N-E in Doha! The Lord is in control! Amen, sister. Love the Q&A. You are cracking me up with that. And--you are going to love the age difference. The help from your big boys will be GREAT. Miss you!!!!!!!!!! Prayin prayin!!!

Arvil's Wife said...

YAY! Three is fun (so is four...I'll have to wait and let you know about 5, lol). What a wonderful, creative way to let everyone know. I will be praying for a gentle pregnancy and healthy baby! Congrats!

Ethan's Folks said...

I'm so excited for you guys and so thrilled that we'll still get to experience your pregnancy through your blog. Praying for you as you keep up with your Bees and take care of yourself.

Love you, friend.

Christine said...

Congratulations sweet friend!! I am so excited for you guys. Ahhhh...another family hitting the 3 kid circuit. There is nothing like it, I tell ya. :) I will be praying for your pregnancy.

Kacey said...

YAY!!! Such exciting news! I have no doubt that God will watch over every aspect of this pregnancy and baby over in Doah. Your faith in Him is encouraging.

P.S. #3 is always the best:)

Olson Family said...

sooo excited for yall! either way so fun...another precious boy or a sassy girl:)

The Wilsons said...

Wow! That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you all. What exciting news and crazy timing. (Go read my blog when you get a chance.)

Emily said...

Oh Wendi, your post just made my day! I am SUPER DUPER happy for you and your family! Congrats!

Emily Boyd

Six Halls said...

We are sooooooooo excited to have another "cousin" join the family!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love, love, love the camels! So perfect, just like you having a baby in Doha is all according to the Lord's perfect plan. And He WILL continue to protect you guys on this journey. Love that you answered any possible question that anyone could have. I want to hear your voice soon! I am still voting that this baby is a girl....

Mary Anne said...

Congrats! So excited for your little dual citizen!!

rackersfamily said...

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
This sweet little baby is all apart of His plan for you and your family.

Jan said...

19 comments already!! You are so loved! & we that call you family are so proud of your spirit!Yes, those are just the questions Miss Jerry would want answered!!

Kylie said...

I am so behind on blog reading! Just read this morning-- congratulations!!! That is so exciting.
You post was written so beautifully and I have no doubt this will be an incredible experience for your family. Praying for God's hand and perfect peace to be over your entire pregnancy.

Meredith said...

Congrats Wendi!!!! What exciting news!!! Can't wait to stay updated throughout your pregnancy!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! What amazing and precious news. I am so happy for you and what a beautiful gift from God. Such an exciting time! I can't wait to see pictures of the little on in April!

P.S. THANK YOU for your sweet, sweet comment. It made my day. :) I would love to meet you sometime when you are in town. I know you are busy when you're here so hopefully this summer when it's a longer visit.

Anonymous said...

Wow...catching up with you on your blog and your pregnant! I loved reading your blog. It seems like you are growing so much in the dessert and definitely making the most of your time there. Glad you have some sweet friends to support you! hugs, Lynn