Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Friday night we got a babysitter and met our good friends Jackie and Mark out for a sushi date.

Lucky for us we also got Brain Salad...finally!

Saturday morning we drove with friends across Qatar to the west coast. The terrain looks a little different which was awesome.

On our drive down the coastline we stopped for a minute and out of no where came a Qatar Military SUV. Scared the devil out of all of us. Naturally they stopped at the Junod vehicle. We assumed we might be in the wrong place! But that wasn't the case.
As usual when you take off on a little adventure, there's always a chance your car might get stuck in the sand. But this time it wasn't us. They were extremely nice just needed help The military car was trying to help another truck who was stuck. Why the military SUV didn't have a tow rop, still boggles our minds. Of course we helped, well our friend, Malcom who had the tow rope did. Slightly afraid to even take pictures, I caught something very interesting to this cultur. Notice the 2 men holding hands. Men hold hands here all the time as a sign of friendship. I doubt Nick will be hand holding with any of his buddies this summer.

Another interesting moment was when this military soldier felt the need to strap on his gun before getting out of his SUV for a simple tow. I think our friend, Malcom in the picture looks pretty harmless :) (Mom is going to kill me for posting these) I promise this was a very safe and innocent situation.

The beach was great. Some people probably prefer a nice hotel beach with showers, bathrooms, and a pool (which we enjoy), but the natural God created beach has its benefits. The water is completely clear and most everything is untouched. We had the entire place to ourselves. Took us forever to decide where to stop...what's worse? Too many people or too much space. As soon as we got there Nick caught a crab. Entertainment for all as long as it was in the bucket. Barrett kept calling it a bug.

This island that you can hardly the one Nick and some others swam to.

That's as good as my camera could do. Not sure about the grey spot but you can see them standing on the island. They made it back just fine and loved every minute.

Thought we would bring a little Texas White Trash to the Qatar Beach. Strawberry Fanta says it all....

We ended our day with a pretty hilarious sight. This isn't the first time we've seen camels but its the first I've had my camera. Normally, Texas kids grow up driving along side horses and cows as entertainment. Not our B' you can imagine they get rather excited to see camels!


Katy said...

I just love hearing about what y'all do in your free time. And---I am pretty jealous that you get SO MANY trips to the beach! (be it in the middle east--I don't care! So fun for your boys, and thanks for representin with the Fanta. :)

nanflan said...

aTwo things...didn't even know y'all liked sushi and Nick with glasses??

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

oh my gosh...i LOVE your stories!!! so funny about the guys holding hands and the camels!!! i can't wait to see what y'all do next!!!

Newell said...
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Meredith said...

So interesting! We've had our fill of seeing cows and horses while driving along, a camel would be nice to see! :)

Another friend of mine whose brother and family lived in the middle east for awhile, told me about the affection between men there, but so weird to think it's actually true!!

Oh, love the Fanta picture!!!

Ashley Hall said...

UHHH! What? You didn't tell me about the little car mishap on your trip! Wow! Yes, I am sure the pics made mom nervous. Love the camels in the truck! Can't wait to see some in person.