Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Runners!

Look at these STUDS! I'm so proud of my sweet family. They ran in the Big D Marathon this weekend. Ash ran the 1/2 and Dave and Dad ran the whole darn thing! They are way too humble! This was an incredible moment! I'm sad I missed watching them cross the finish line!

Anna Lou bundled up for the race!

The cheerleaders! Lou Lou in the middle with her cute shirt!

Whoohooo for Ash!

Dave trained with Team in Training raising money for the Lymphoma Society. He was honoring his step brother Jay who passed away last fall. Little kiss from Anna to keep him going!

Here's my Daddy running his first marathon. Can you believe he's 58? Ash and I both consider him our hero. He's one of a kind and we're so glad he's our's! Way to go Dad!

Our runnin' STUDS! So sorry we missed it!!

I have to post special moments from home. Although we're not there we still live through them with all of our family. If you have a moment, please pray for Nick's mom's husband, Ronnie. He had a stint put in one of his arteries this morning. Also our brother-in-law, Chris is having surgery to remove the tumor in his back on April 14th. The power of prayer is deep and wide! We believe in it and thank you for it.


Grant said...


Good night, girlfriend!!! Qatar? How awesome is that.

Amy made me come over to your blog and give you grief.

So....what's the chance of the English family taking a mission trip over there?

Shannon said...

I am so proud of your family! That is just unbelievable! I might tell Ash to kick me in the hiney and get me running again. Yeah right - wishful thinking! Miss you Sweet Friend!