Wednesday, April 1, 2009


(bit lengthy...feel free to skip to recipe and pictures)

Bible Study, Brooke, Bubble Pizza
This morning I wrapped up my first Bible study in Doha... a 10 week study of the book of Esther, by Beth Moore! Its amazing! And there's absolutely no coincidence that God planned for me to study it as soon as I moved here. Its been life-changing for me. The study's subtitle is "its tough being a woman". Its about Destiny and God's providence in our lives as women. Its truly changed the way I think, pray and live. I've learned a lot about fear, freedom in Christ and trusting in His divine plan when life doesn't make sense. Almost 9 years ago God put me through a similar circumstance of moving to a new place (Houston), adjusting to a new life (married), and distancing me from my family (way outside my comfort zone). I had no idea we were doing a dress rehearsal for this moment in time across the world. Let's just say the dress rehearsal didn't go well. It was a very difficult time for me personally, which obviously effected my poor husband too. But long story short God blessed me in Houston beyond measure in unbelievable ways. I promised the Lord I would never be so distant at such a needy time!

Today God has given me so many reminders of how far we've come. This morning I decided we would have Bubble Pizza for dinner. Its easy and I knew my day would be kinda crazy. I used to make it a lot when we were first married. You can't mess it up and its a little bit of a comfort food :) You know...lots of carbs! Anyway, I haven't made it in years but Doha had the ingredients so it automatically fell on to the menu. I got the recipe from my sweet friend Brooke in Houston almost 9 years ago. Brooke and I met through a friend, of a friend, of a friend when we both first moved to Htown. We lived in the same apartment complex and enjoyed lots of fun times with her and and her husband, Tom. Oh how I needed a friend at that time. She was a blessing then and since moving to Doha she has been one of the most thoughtful and loyal friends!

Its the simple things today that reminded me of God's journey with me after I finished Bible Study. Even better than Bubble Pizza, Brooke called this afternoon and we talked for an hour. I was so excited to hear her voice! After I got off the phone...I almost wanted to burst into tears of thankfulness. Praise the Lord this move has been much more pleasant!! Pretty crazy to actually say that! Not that I don't desperately miss everyone and everything about home! But I couldn't do this or even imagine it with out the loving grace from my God. I'm so glad that this go-round with Bubble Pizza is different. I have a long way to go and I have had some hard days but it really is so much easier to do this thing the way God destined it to be. We always have choices to do it and choices of HOW to do it!

This is it...You'll love it!


One of God's Doha blessings in my life, my friend Amy...leading worship.

My small group, minus a few others.

Beth Moore video

Bubble Pizza
2 cans of Pillsbury flakey Biscuits - quarter each biscuit
1 small jar of Ragu Snack Pizza Sauce
1 bag Kraft Pizza Cheese (2 cups)
optional *Pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, etc. (I use turkey pepperoni, of course)
optional *Sauted Veggies of any kind (peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc)
I like it with just the pepperoni and cheese!

Mix all of the above. Put into a greased bundt pan (like you do for monkey bread). Bake at 350 for about 30-45 min. Make sure the biscuits cook all the way through.
Serve with salad and its perfect :) Your kids will like it too!

And of course a few pics of the Bees...painting with watercolors this afternoon.
Thank you Honey...this kept us busy for almost an hour!


Caryn said...

Oh sweet friend I am so happy that the Lord has given you a different outlook this go around. I am hearing lots of good stuff about the Esther study, might have to tackle it next - I'm on the last week of No Other God's and have really loved it - great recommendation!!

This house of pizza lovers will be trying that recipe for Bubble Pizza for sure, sounds yummy!!

I am way overdue for hearing your voice - I'll try to call tomorrow if the window allows. Miss you

Katie Tuley said...

God is good! Love you!

Six Halls said...

God is truly amazing and works in so many mysterious ways! Have to try the pizza recipe but might not help with losing baby weight! Miss and love y'all!

Katy said...

Hey sister! I have a week left on Esther and love as well! Recipe sounds really good---Svobo's will definitely be trying it! And--I'm laughing because watercolors save the day many a time at our house too! ;) Heading to Round Top today----SO excited. You know me!

shannonmichaelis said...

Miss you like crazy! So glad this time around you have a better perspective on things to come. Retrospect is such a funny thing. Know that I am praying for you daily in your land of wilderness right now. Might have to try the bubble pizza, although the Michaelis crew doesn't eat pizza much. :-) Wish I could do Esther again - I loved it so much! 10 days and counting!

angie said...

I'm so glad you have a bible study group in Doha, Beth would be so proud!! I have loved the study also. Thanks for the recipe, we will try that one for sure. We have pizza about once a week. I hope you have a great day!

nanflan said...

Triple hitter! Will try the Bubble Pizza, hubby's eyes got big when I read the recipe:)Turkey pepperoni really...never even looked for it.

Ashley Hall said...

I love the pics of the ladies at BS! Just so great to see women everywhere learning and worshipping. I just loved something about those pics. I really hope I can do Esther soon! Can't believe it's been 9 years. I liked that little apt, sleeping on the couch!

The Berridges said...

Wendi, you are such a blessing to my life. The strength you have during this journey is amazing. I love to hear about all the amazing things you are experiencing through this adventure. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Love ya!

Leslie said...

You are amazing lady! Moving across the world would be hard for anyone, but you are searching for meaning, have a great attitude and are relying on God for strength, direction, understanding, etc. I love reading your blog and seeing how well you and everyone is adjusting. And thanks for the pizza recipe. We need something new!

Melissa Croke said...

Are you still in Doha? We are moving there at the end of the school year and I am looking for a ladies Bible Study. I was hoping you could connect me with someone who might be able to give me information about that. Thanks.