Saturday, October 6, 2012

LaRovere's back in Doha

I've made everyone aware that we met some pretty special people about 4 years ago in Doha.  We were instant friends and have stayed that way while the LaRovere's moved around the globe since our first Doha days. Jackie and Mark now live in Angola, Africa with their 3 little boys.  Mark had meetings in Doha last week so Jackie and boys tagged along.  There aren't many who come back to Doha after having moved away.  This girl has now been back twice!

We were so thrilled to have them here and pretend like it was it was the good ole days!  We had a houseful and enjoyed every minute.  The boys hated going to school but it kept things a little routine while everything else normal was tossed out the window.

They arrived on Friday mid morning.  We picked them up from the airport and went straight to Ric's Kountry Kitchen for breakfast.  Then finished the day with lots and lots of swimming across the street at our compound pool! 
 Brooks made me promise we would celebrate his birthday early at the beach with the LaRovere's.  So we packed up the gang and headed to the H.O.T. beach. 
Georgia, Barrett and Isaac
 Mark and baby Caleb
 Singing happy birthday!
 He wanted donuts instead of a cake...somehow we found white donuts in Doha on our way to the beach. Meant to be.
 One particular night Nick worked late and we had an extra large lizard-visitor make its way into our house!  I freaked to the say the least and the LaRovere's came to the rescue with air freshener, WD40, flashlights and a variety of other reptile killing skillz.  I haven't screamed or laughed that hard in a long time! After much drama, we slept well knowing that giant lizard wasn't crawling into our kids' beds!
 Coloring with Georgia while boys were at school.
 These two friends remind me so much of each other. I was excited for them to meet.  Lived in Doha at separate times but richly blessed my life here!
Me, Amanda and Jackie
 The Bees on their way to the bus stop with their buddies as escorts!
Baby Caleb...sweetest easiest baby ever!! 
 Boys played some serious Wii including Mr. Mark
 Our sweet friend and babysitter Morgan braved all 6 kids on Friday night so we could have a childfree night out. 
 We went to Trader Vic's at the Hilton!  Amazing food and unlike any other atmosphere in Doha!! Loved the lamps.
 Jackie and Mark were very excited to do some shopping in Doha, which is humbling since we so often feel deprived.  They stocked up on mostly pantry items and yummy snacks.  I'm pretty sure there might be some Angola days (similar to a Doha Day) and now they're set with some comfort food.
 Best buddies!!
 Sending off our sweet friends!  What an awesome time we had together!  Thank you LaRo's for coming and blessing us!  Lots more Doha memories made!