Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sunday we were up for school and so excited the day had finally arrived....BROOKS' SIXTH BIRTHDAY!!  No more count downs, no more begging to open a card and present that had been tempting him for about a week!  The day had come and it was a great one!  
First up, a loaded card from Colorado. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! And instead of wearing his boring old P.E. t-shirt he got to wear a "6" shirt sent all the way from Texas. Thank you Honey and Poppa. 
Birthday BUS!!   This was a last minute idea but it was a HUGE hit.  So funny how many people saw the Birthday Bus that we didn't see.  I wasn't even sure it was legal...better to ask for forgiveness!  We got lots of extra birthday wishes!  
Checking out the Birthday bling with our buddy and carpool-er Cayden.
 Big SIX!
After dropping off the car full kiddos I ran to Krispie Kreme for the requested birthday donuts.  His class celebrates birthdays during snack time.  Brooks is the oldest in his class so this was their first birthday to be excited about.  Mrs. Heney and crew sang happy birthday with a few extra verses and 6 bumps on the bottom to wish him a Happy Day!
Finally Georgia was out of the stroller and popped up right next to Mr. Big 6. Happy as can be to have a birthday donut with him!
After school we rushed home to then turn around and meet Daddy for an early dinner at Brooks' restaurant of choice Sakura (Ramada Plaza).  He wanted to go where "they cook the food in front of you".  The boys were highly entertained.  It was such a fun night and really great food.  We'll be back.  
 Georgia had a little runnin' room behind our table...

The reserved birthday boy and his brother the enthusiast!
After stuffing our faces and being stuffed in ridiculous Doha traffic, we finally made it home for birthday cake.   
Brooks specifically wanted Bumpity Cake aka my mom's buttermilk pound cake.  The odds were truly against me on this one.  First of all, I'll never be the cook she is but live in Doha and your cooking confidence is shot!  I used laban instead of buttermilk.  Enough said...
Thanks to my sweet friend and neighbor, she actually baked it in her oven while I did the usual Birthday Bus run that afternoon.  Brooks told me it tasted just like Honey's cake which was a great feeling but no where near the truth.  And my pan isn't bumpity!
Bear picked out a very special Lego set for Brooks and Tatty sent the beloved Legos and clothes that arrived just in time!
Brooks asked for Legos, a watch and a Bible.  He was a happy camper and fun to shop for. We have lots of children's Bible story books and of course adult Bibles but he wanted his very own real Bible to read and take to church.   God is stirring something special in him and we are praying that his heart will be open to trusting Him.  For now his enthusiasm is a gift I wouldn't trade for anything.  He wanted to take his new Bible to school and has been just as excited about finding his memorized verses as he has been about the plethora of Legos that now abound! 
My dad always says you just keep loving your kids more and more the older they get and its so beyond true!!  I have so much to learn as a parent and I'm so thankful Brooks is our oldest.  God knew we needed him first.  He challenges us in a way that seems patient and forgiving.  He is a simple little boy.  He wants to please and succeed.  He's still very innocent and I pray we can preserve the sweet spirit God placed deep within in him.  Just when I think I've got him figured out I am amazed at the finger prints God left on him and the special characteristics I'm starting to see as he grows.  Its easy to try and tag our kids for one or the other parent instead of just waiting to see who they were created to be.  This is only the beginning.  Lord help us lead, develop and teach him has he grows. Impossible without God!

This last year I have so enjoyed watching him be a big brother to Barrett and Georgia.  There has yet to be a day he's resented his little sister and he's the best encourager and teammate Barrett has or will ever have!!  This year I've also been so blessed to see him grow in confidence in simple and important things like initiating friendships or boldly placing an order with the waiter.  He's mostly interested in school work, all things sports related, getting dirty or wet, being challenged by or getting creative with Legos and seeing new movies (in or out of the theater).  My cup runneth over. I don't deserve such joy! 



Anonymous said...

Loved reading this and all your recent posts. Makes me sad I am not familiar with your new home in AF2, but happy that things are going so well. I owe you a call, I know I do, and I'll do it soon! Miss you, sweet friend!!

kate said...

First, happy birthday Brooks!
Second, so glad he loved the bible.
Third, Laban is not the same as buttermilk! :) I like it, but I'm lebanese. I can't imagine subbing it in there. You must be a very creative cook to make that work. :)

Rick and Beth said...

Hey, Wendi! As always, I love reading your posts. Thought I'd add this.

substitute for buttermilk: 1 T lemon juice or vinegar plus enough milk to make a cup, let stand 5 min. before using. Or plain yogurt works, too. I substitute this all the time because I never want to buy a whole container of buttermilk when I need just a little bit.

I'm sure the bumpity cake is a closely guarded recipe. But, if your mom wouldn't mind sharing I'd love to try it!

Love to you all from the Hammans!

Shannon said...

Tears from Allen reading this sweet post. I know I tell you often, but you have three of the most beautiful children on this planet! Wowzers! Happy Birthday to Brooks! His tender heart already wanting to follow after Jesus is so sweet to read about. You have done well, Mommy and Daddy! Love you and miss you!

Caryn said...

I am tearing up at you precious boy, your comments and him reading his bible - too much I love it. Such a sweet post for your sweet alpha baby.

And you KNOW i am going to be copying the birthday bus - genius - and my boys would die!

Oh how I miss you something serious!!!!!!

I LOVE it when you have new posts and savor every word!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Brooks! I can't believe he's already 6. :) Looks like he had a blast.

P.S. Check out your license plates. So crazy!