Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swim Date at the Ritz

A lot of Expats here in Doha have hotel memberships to either the Four Seasons, Intercon, Ritz, etc. The facilities are amazing and its great place to spend HOT Doha Days. We don't live close to the big hotels and we travel home for our summers but we're happy to spend an afternoon or day pretending we're on vacation, especially with good friends!
Kelley and Isabelle invited the boys and me, plus Amy and her boys to come swim. We jumped at the opportunity and it was a real treat!
Kelley and I are due with our babies just a few days apart. We have the same doctor and we're comforted by the fact we get share this Doha experience with each other. Another one of God's blessings for me as I've walked this little journey away from home.




Volstad and Junod boys

Two very pregnant mommies, 5 boys and 1 sweet girl. Kelley is expecting a boy so she got a good taste.

Daddy joined us for lunch since we were close to his office.

Is it appropriate to put your orange Fanta and half eaten apple on the formal lobby table of the Ritz Carlton...we made a quick exit!


Shannon said...

HOT MOMMAS at the Ritz....what a treat! I am counting down the hours for you until Honey gets there! I bet you are beside yourself excited. Just a week and a will be holding, nursing, cuddling, smelling, STARING in the face of your precious baby girl! AMAZING! I cannot wait! Love you!

angie said...

It's almost the 9th...praise the LORD! I know you are ready to see your honey. That pool looks awesome and so do you;-)!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how good you look in a bathing suit so close to having a baby!! You're awesome, girl! I cannot wait to read the post about new baby, Georgia. I know it will be soon enough!

Love ya,
Kim Fox

shannonmichaelis said...

Yowsers - get me that bathing suit when I am prego. And bring on summer - I want to be in a pool swimming right now! So fun you guys have gotten all the privileges of the Ritz. Love the half eaten apple and Fanta - classic!

Jaime said...

Looks like a fun day. So thankful for you that you have made such wonderful friends over there.