Friday, April 2, 2010

Its a Good Friday!

Yesterday, Thursday was the boys' first day of Spring Break!! We spent the morning running a few baby errands and then spent our afternoon having a little Easter party (or so we called it).

He's down with a melt down!

Making bunny cupcakes - recommendation from Aunt Ashley. Its fun now that they can actually help.

Brooks didn't want anything to do with them b/c of the coconut. He had his own plain jane cupcakes while Barrett gobbled up the bunny.

As usual in Doha, we go to church on Friday. So we wore our Easter get-up today although its Good Friday. After church we went to The Pearl (high end outdoor development with retail/restaurants/office space/residential/etc)...tried to get a few pictures before our family and life changes dramatically.

Football face-off

Brooks took over the camera. Nice white van with staring man.

Wish Brooks had chopped off my head instead of Nick's. I'll be celebrating Jesus' resurrection and my hair's resurrection Easter Sunday morning at the hair salon!! And obviously its just time to have this baby! XL and feelin' it! Enough said!

Just before we left I flagged a random person down to take a family pic.

Barrett insisted we stop by the fountains!

After a few pictures we went to the LaRovere's to indulge in good Texas cookin'. Jackie's mom, Judy (JuJu) is in town for a few weeks and she spoiled us with roast, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cobb, etc. We made our selves miserable and enjoyed every bite. We all missed the usual ham but JuJu's roast was the perfect Easter lunch in Doha.
We're really thankful JuJu is here. The boys will be staying at Jackie's house if Georgia decides to arrive before Honey. JuJu's extra set of grandmommy hands and her sweetness are the next best thing for the Bees, plus 4 boys under 4 in the same house!


Easter sqeeze!

We had a great Good Friday. Not much planned for our weekend. Keeping things open...???? The Easter bunny is supposed to visit our house. Sunday Nick will go to work as he usually does, I'll get the hair done, the boys will play with friends and we'll go to church Sunday evening for an Easter service. Although the different schedule takes some getting used to, I'm simply thankful we can worship at all and especially for Easter. My heart has been forever changed having moved to Doha. God's grace and love through His Son means more to me now more than ever.
Happy Easter Weekend!


Shannon said...

OK - I just typed up a long comment and then it wouldn't let me post it. Darn it!

You are STUNNING! I know you may feel XL, but sister, you make other pregos really jealous! The pictures of your boys (all three of them) are beautiful and I cannot wait to see what Miss G adds to the group. It's time! Come on Honey....get yourself to DOHA! Love you!

Shannon said...

Ummmm.....looks like it didn't delete it after all! Oops! you at least have three comments on your latest post! WhooHooo!

Anonymous said...

Wendi, you look so cute and not XL at all. I wish I was still in Doha so I could see your sweet baby Georgia! Your boys are precious, too! Happy Easter!

hugs, Lynn

Jennifer McWilliams said...


Caryn said...

What great pictures!!! i loved all of them - your precious little family looks just fabulous (including YOU)!!! I loved the picture of Barrett head down because I can SOOOO relate! My little Wyatt has got melting into a puddle down, luckily his emotional breakdowns are sort lived. Hope you guys have a VERY Happy Easter! I love you and I am on pins and needles waiting for news about Miss G!

angie said...

I love these pictures! The boys playing football in their precious Easter outfits is too cute. You look beautiful...Seriously one hot momma! Praying for you sweet girl.

The Berridges said...

Wendi, you look stunning! I know how you feel though. Hang in there, it's almost time to meet sweet Georgia!

Katy said...

Sister Sue, I think we all know who was XL. and it isn't you! :) hehe

Love, love, love those orange sherbert shirts in those goooorgeous flowers. So Eastery even in Doha!

Can't wait to see you, Miss Georgia pie! :)