Friday, April 16, 2010

Honey's Arrival and Waiting for Georgia

I can't believe Honey has been here for a week already. We're trying to be patient while waiting for Georgia to arrive. As usual our plans are not God's plans so we're sitting still and enjoying Doha Days with Honey in the mean time.

Waiting for Honey

The day after Honey arrived we thought a little spa treatment at the Four Seasons might help her jet lag.

We gave Honey an early birthday present.
(photo book from our Italy trip last summer)

Birthday dinner and party with Jackie's Mom and Kids. Judy's birthday is the 24th and Honey's is the 15th.
JuJu gave me a real Diet Coke from the US of A.
DC's in Doha are made in Saudi and taste different.

Birthday Queens with their grandboys

Since the boys have been going to school each morning we've spent our time running errands, showing Honey every day Doha life and playing a little bit. Wednesday morning we went to Hong Kong Beauty Center for some foot action!
The beautiful beads provide a slightly different experience than the Four Seasons...still thoroughly enjoyed our treatment!

Mom enjoyed a foot massage and I enjoyed a pedicure and leg massage. Mirna, in the picture below agreed to rub my feet/legs. Sweet lady! The Chinese ladies working there were very strict about not giving me a foot massage because it would be bad for the baby. Reflexology!

The boys absolutely love having Honey pick them up from school.

Honey's birthday breakfast

Thursday night my sweet friend Karen kept the boys so Nick and I could take Honey out for a special dinner at the Pearl.

3 story yacht docked at the Pearl - unreal!!

Dinner at Bice

Off to church

All of us are more than ready for a baby girl to join our family. I know there is a special time and birthday for her. Hoping its very soon...I'm so ready I don't care where my water breaks :) We'll just wait and see.


The Berridges said...

I have quickly learned that these little girls have their own plans! The day she comes will be so special! I'm praying that it's soon and that you will feel good while you wait for that day! Love you friend!

shannonmichaelis said...

Yay for Honey, gun hugs, spa days, beads hanging in a doorway, dinners without kids, and memories....without baby G in the picture yet. Praying for the arrival of that sweet baby girl!

shannonmichaelis said...

I meant fun hugs....

Shannon said...

I LOVE all of these pictures. What a great trip Honey has already had. I know you didn't exactly plan for it to go the way is has, but God sure did!

I got your sweet e-mail! Love you so much sister and am praying that water bursts in the next few hours!


Katy said...

gah i am chomping at the bit, i mean chomping at the BIT to hear that Georgia Liz has made her appearance!!!!!!!!!!! love the pics with mrs. jerry. hugs to her too!

on a different note---i am constantly amazed at the "bling" of Doha---seriously, what? a giant yacht?? that thing was out of control. people be pimpin over there. :)

miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!