Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Featured Wedding...

Last August we were ALL honored to be apart of Julie and David's wedding. I didn't blog at the time so now's my chance to tell about this incredible event and special day for us.
AND it was just FEATURED on a popular wedding website/blog,
Style Me Pretty.

The Ross Family has been best friends of the Watkins for over 15 years. When Julie and David asked Brooks to be in their wedding, I thought they were joking. Turns out they weren't :) so we followed through with getting a tux and practicing and praying a lot :) My prayers were answered...Brooks successfully made it down the isle (with some serious bribing) and didn't completely ruin Julie's special day. He actually did a great job considering he's so shy and doesn't care too much for attention. Ashley was a bridesmaid so this truly was a family event. It really was an honor to be apart of such a special wedding.

To say that this was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to would be a rude understatement. It was incredible! And it was just as sincere as it was beautiful. Julie and David are both real, authentic people. Their priorities and love for the Lord were evident and purposeful that day.

Honey and Brooks after the wedding on our way to the reception

Brooks got black Converse from David (as well as the other groomsmen)
Such a great idea!
Can't beat Coke and Converse!

Junods, Johnsons, Halls

The FEATURE actually belongs to my dear friend Kristin, in Dallas. She and her company helped plan every detail of the wedding and reception. They knocked it out of the park and kicked tail!!! Check them out and contact AKDesign for your next event! You won't be disappointed!
Kristin and Me

You must see some highlights and details from this incredible wedding and reception plus a few snaps of Brooks, check out the
FEATURE and this great website...

Oh and instead of Where's Waldo???...its Where's Wendi???


Caryn said...

I found ya!! INCREDIBLE wedding, those pictures are AMAZING...pretty similar to my reception at the Leah Lockwood Library and Museum :) Brooks looks darlingin his little converse!

Katy said...

I found you!!!!!!!!
I mean I am a little bit speechless at how unbelievable that reception was!!! The flowers--incredible. I was also feeling your pain about stressing over Brooks being in it. I would have been a nervous wreck! That little angel pulled through though. He was adorable!

shannonmichaelis said...

just my kind of photo - taking photos of someone else! how awesome is that! totally reminds me of kaki and shane's wedding. who would have thought that all that stress would give brooks the spotlight - if onyl they had known the behind the scenes conversations with all that! you're a celebrity!

Jill said...

WOW! What an amazing wedding. I'll have to show Chels the pics to give her some ideas for flowers. Ethan's in Chelsea's wedding this October and I can already feel the uneasiness of him marching down the aisle. Tips on that, please! Not only was it neat to see you on a company website, but it was also "Where's Honey" and "Where's Ash" :)

angie said...

Your little brooks looks so cute and grown up and just adorable!!! Way to go Brooks:). That was an insane wedding, just amazing. That first picture of you and Nick and Brooks is a really beautiful pic of you guys, you look beautiful!

Kylie said...

Spectacular wedding! Was Terry Graham the minister? Sure looked like him in one of the photos. Thanks for sharing, it's fun to look at such pretty things!

nanflan said...

Don't know about Waldo, but I think Nick has a Holy Hot Wife :)