Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bowling Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated Donna's birthday by bowling at the local Qatari bowling center. All of us were surprised that the place was so nice, clean and perfect for families. The boys absolutely loved their first bowling experience. We'll be back!

Birthday Girl and Me...
Can you believe she's in her 40's?? Pretty awesome or is it sickening!?

Little bowlers comin' right up...

Macie and Brooks

He's so cool he's walkin' away. Just checking to make sure though.

He's focused and very serious...this position runs in the family, especially by a certain Coach Watkins on the football field! Looks way too familiar.

Chow time...and it was good!

"Boys, be careful with those balls, you don't want to smash your finger...and say cheese"

Done! I know its not nice but this picture makes me laugh. Brooks face is priceless! I didn't intend to capture the pain but its real. Barrett could care less. He's just waiting for the next ball to smash his finger.

Birthday Girl and her delish cake!!!

I had to post this picture b/c I have to remember this gift. Donna and I saw this at a very strange store. We're still not sure what it is...some kind of natural healing instrument that removes toxins, I guess. It suctions to your skin. The pictures on the box are a little disturbing. Made for a great gift :)

Happy Birthday to Donna!! One of my most treasured blessings in Doha. A year ago Donna and I lived less than 5 miles from each other in Houston but it took moving to Doha for God to bring us together. Before moving I prayed God would give me one friend that I really could connect with...he answered my prayer 2 days after I moved to Doha! Not only did He bless me with a friend He blessed our entire family. We love all the Duncan crew. Donna, thank you knocking on my door 6 months ago. I'm so thankful for you! You're the piece of home I need and your thoughtfulness never goes unnoticed! Happy Birthday!


shannonmichaelis said...

Praise Jesus for Donna! Glad you guys got to bowl with the boys - have to do it in Houston this summer! Glad you guys have such a wonderful family to hang with (and glad we got to be with them so much as well!).

Caryn said...

PTL for DONNA!! I am so glad you have someone to lean on during your Doha Days! Looks like a very fun birthday celebration.

Shannon said...

So fun and I loved the gift. I blew it up just so I could see the picture on the box. As your dear friends here, we are so thankful you have Donna!

Duncans in Doha said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This post really warms my heart. You, Nick and the boys are just as special to us and we are so thankful for your friendship. Thank goodness God gives us exactly what we need because I needed you too. It amazes me the memories we've made in such a few short months. You're the greatest and I love you dearly!
BEWARE, I am sure the gift shall resurface in the days ahead... :O)

angie said...

What a gift! To have a good friend from Texas in Doha. I know that is a huge ansered prayer. My kids LOVE to bowl as well. I love each and every picture. :-)

Ashley Hall said...

Awesome pics! I love Brooks in his coaching stance! And Donna is a blessing to us all, knowing that you have her there!