Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dhow Excursion for Elaine

The Andersons have been extremely hospitable and welcoming to us since we've been in Doha. Unfortunately they're headed back to Scotland (home) this summer. But we've had a lot of opportunities to say good bye with a few parties. Last week we had a girls' night out and cruised on a Dhow boat to spend some time with Elaine.

Doha Haze!

There's a reason why visitors fly into Doha after dark.
Easier on the eyes than during the day.

World recognized - Museum of Islamic Art

I have one memory of Elaine that I'll never forget. Shortly after moving to Doha I needed wardrobe help for Nick's company holiday party so I called Elaine and asked her what to wear and where to shop. She gave me some ideas and mentioned that some of her favorite stores. By the time I went shopping I forgot the name of her favorite shops but felt confident enough to find something that would be OK for my first company event in Doha. Turns out we have similar tastes (we both like Monsoon) and we wore exactly the same thing!!! Literally everything was, black, pearls, wrap, purse, etc.

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shannonmichaelis said...

awesome night photos! great photography!