Saturday, November 15, 2008

Groceries in Doha

Yesterday was the start of our weekend. Friday and Saturday are the weekend and Friday is Holy Day. So we went to church and then made a trip to the most western grocery store in Doha, called Mega Mart. Its very small and very expensive. You never know what they'll have but they carry a lot of products that we buy in the US. So when you shop at Mega Mart you buy what you like because they may not have it next time. My cart was full but not over loaded. Here are a few of the details from my grocery bill...

Total: $375 YIKES!!

Cheetos - $7
Kraft Cheese - $8
Smart Start cereal - $10
Cool Whip - $4
Eggs -$12
Turkey Bacon - $8
Fruit Snacks - $10
Small Blue Bell (horrible freezer burn) - $4

Most everything is double what we would pay in Texas. This isn't our only option for groceries. This was a special trip. We just needed a little taste from home so we went to Mega Mart. As you can imagine we don't let the boys waste a bite :)


Christine said...

That is truely incredible!!! I just am amazed by that. I am loving your is awesome!

The Fox Family said...

Wendi - this is the first time I have been able to open your blog and see everything (school blocks it). I LOVE it!! I sat here and read every last bit, looked at every last picture and boo hooed the whole time. You must be the strongest family to be able to do all of this. You truly are an inspiration to Casey and me, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship by keeping up with yours. We are praying for you all. We cannot wait to see you when you come back to Houston for a visit.
And, about the groceries...that is CRAZY!! Just think what a shopping spree you will have at HEB when you move back! :)

angie said...

First of all it's sort of amazing that you can find cheetos in Doha!!! AWESOME:) and secondly i just love to read this blog, to see you sweet boys and keep up with your day to day. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

oh my stars......the Browns just might have to starve! That is unbelievable! Miss you sweet friend!