Thursday, November 13, 2008

Departure and Arrival

We left Houston last Friday afternoon and arrived in Doha Saturday night. The first flight was about 9 hours long. We were served dinner and then the lights went out for us to sleep. Wish I had administered the "sleepy" drugs a little earlier. But over all the boys did really well. Loved watching movies with headphones and enjoyed the first class seats. During our layover in London Nick got the pukes. Fortunately the boys did ok and Nick was able to rest. The flight went by rather fast considering I was doing all I could to keep the Bees quiet and entertained. The last hour was a little louder but we all survived just fine. Our stroller was left in London so handling all our luggage at the Doha airport was interesting. Finally we made it home to our villa about midnight. The boys and the dogs were so excited to see each other as you'll see in a few pictures. Since we've arrived we've had a terrible case of jet-lag. No one sleeps at the same time. Every day is a little better. Nick is back to work and the boys and I are settling in. Here are a few pictures of departure from Houston and arrival to Doha.


A Berry Bailey Life said...

The pics are precious! Especially the ones of the reunion of the boys and the dogs! So glad you all made it safely to your new home! I'm so glad you are blogging! I can't wait to hear more about your time in Doha!

Sharon said...

Just precious to see all of you together!! Look at that luggage! Pretty funny! I love that you are blogging! Way to go girl!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

i am glad the flight went good! i can't believe all that luggage so crazy! and your stroller getting left. i LOVE the pictures of the boys the dogs. so precious!