Friday, June 21, 2013

Pack it up, ship it out!!

Packing up the villa and saying goodbye to our Al Fardan 2 compound and friends!!
Brooks and 2 of his compound running buddies.
Our sweet gardener!  Took such good care of us and always so sweet.  Anyone willing to take care of my plants is sweet but he was such kind man.  He kissed my tummy when I told him we were moving.
Rex, one of the sweet guys that works in our compound to constantly serve us at the pool, parties or delivery.  
Last night in the villa, mattresses on the floor!
Finding ways to entertain ourselves.
Loading the containers for sea! 
Ran into 2 of the 4 Feghali girls on our way out. As well as the compound stray dawg ;)

So long AF2!  What a great place full of fun memories and a life style that can never be replaced.  Compound living was like college living as adults with families.
Blurry view of Doha's memorable aspire and villagio.  
Livin it up for the last few sleeps!
  Spent our last Doha day playing together at the Ritz pool. 

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