Friday, June 21, 2013

Ode to ASD!

Obviously I just stopped blogging for a while and as I cruise through these pictures of our last few days, I now know its because I didn't want to come face to face with the finality that our Doha life and especially our ASD life is now behind us.  We had our last day at that incredible school and I do me WE! I was heartbroken to let go.  I started my school journey as a mamma there and now I've got to let it go.  Nothing will compare and nothing can replace our experience with that combination of teachers and students.  

Brooks' 1st grade teacher Mrs. Beck was incredible. All year long she worked to develop his strengths and direct his weaknesses so profoundly.  She pointed out positive characteristics in Brooks that only parents know.  She tapped into leadership skills I didn't know he had and was determined to see him finish well.  Academically, she pushed his reading/writing and gave him great opportunity to further develop his love for math.  
I don't know what other schools do when students leave but they made us feel like we would be forever missed.  Brooks was given the most thoughtful card and notes.  The parents of the class gave me a Target gift card to enjoy as soon as I hit US soil just for being a homeroom mom.  Mrs. Beck offered to make the snack of his choice (popcorn) for us to enjoy for a little in-class going away party. 
 Love her!
I was overwhelmed with emotion letting go of Barrett's teacher and sweet class.  Ms. Yamazaki dedicated about a hour in class to officially send Barrett off.  She made a slide show from the entire year, totally dedicated to pictures of Barrett as a kindergartener.  She outdid herself, as usual!!! 
 Me and my hormones cried the entire time!
 Each student gave Barrett and I separate gifts and little individual notes saying goodbye and thanking me for helping as homeroom mom.  I am not the ideal homeroom mom and struggled much of the year. There were no words...I was just so humbled. 
 Ms. Yamazaki!! Sweetheart!!
 And when the last bell rang we grabbed one last hug and love from our beloved Mrs. Chaplin who poured everything into both boys for their PreK years.  Such a talented and gifted teacher with the most generous heart for other people.
 And of course Mrs. Heney who was Brooks' kindergarten teacher.  She was incredibly patient with this growing, pushing the boundaries little man! She loved him all the way through KG! 
 Dusty on the outside but a pearl on the inside!! Love you and forever will miss you ASD!!


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