Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baylor Bound!

Last week we decided to make a quick trip to Baylor for the day. Ashley, my mom and I took our kiddos to Bear Country. We were in the car longer than we were in Waco but I wanted the boys to see what they hear so much about.

I sure hope these 3 are Baylor Bound...anyone know where we can get a money tree?

We drove straight into town to dine at one of our faves...Ninfas.

Ann, one of my best friends from Baylor plus her sweet family were able to meet us for lunch.

Then off to the main event...yet such a let down. We were so excited about the Bear Pit but he was sleeping in his cave and we could hardly see him.

Thankfully these 2 bears still had their paws up.
The boys did a quick wardrobe picture so mama Bear could get some sibling shots with our newest addition.

Bear and Anna looking for the Bear.

Ash and Anna

Another important stop was of course the Baylor Bookstore for a little green and gold.
Wow we could have spent a lot of money!

God bless this old building where my dad, Ashley and I thought we might actually die before passing Anatomy. The majority of our BU tuition went to pay for classes in this building. And now, 10 years after I've graduated they are making some updates.

Another wardrobe change...

Since graduating there has been an incredible amount of growth on campus. The most beautiful buildings have been built for academics and athletics. This specific area of campus has a pretty special name.

This is the street that separated me from my BU man 13 years ago.

Nick lived in this house directly across from....

my very first apartment, The Centre 5D or (5Diggity).

We did a drive by of the ever-so-modest apartment, which we called Pete's Palace where I lived my junior and senior year. Lets just say they're a little needy for tenants but its really no surprise when you see what Baylor students live in these days.

Just an example of the "average" off campus residence.

After a full few hours these little bears were tuckered out.

So glad we could take the boys to one of my most favorite places ever!


Jennifer McWilliams said...

ohhhh the days of 5D... i could go on for days...
such a fun trip! can't wait to take Jake to see the bears :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Sic 'em!

Shannon said...

Awww....what a great post! Seeing BU in all its glory just makes me happy! And - I love your pics of apartments (except you left out one very important summer retreat that I guess was not "technically" yours! :-) We can only hope that we might be visiting the campus for MANY years to come to get our kids ready to go! Surely they will pick BU, right?

Ashley Franks said...

Wow, I bet it's crazy driving down memory lane. We haven't been there in forever! By the way, we had dinner this weekend with Nat Mangum and his family. He now has two kiddos. Anyways, he wanted me to tell you hello!

amanda brown said...

petes palace! how in the world is that place still standing? we paid $190/each for rent. sounds like something a grandmother would brag about.