Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a hit at our house! The boys had so much fun and they loved their costumes. Over the summer we went to Ft. Knox to visit our Aunt Amanda, Uncle Chris and cousin Annabelle. Brooks fell in love with all the "army guys" we saw on base, so we bought their costumes right there. I do believe Uncle Chris has the most admirable and honorable job/career a man can have. BUT a little bit (ok a lot) of me hopes this is the only time my boys wear these fatigues. I sure will be proud of them if God calls them to fight for the US of A but the mommy in me wants my Bees to always just play with TOY guns! AND have no fear, your local Doha toy store will always provide you with the loudest, cheapest, most obnoxious machine gun you've ever seen. Could have been Christmas or Halloween the loved the guns so much.

Our evening started out with a little Halloween party at our friends' house in another compound so we stayed in their neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Which turned out GREAT. There were tons and tons of kids and it felt just like home.

Our best buds Jacob and Isaac

Jake and Bear

Halloween treats that Jackie (Becky Homecky) made.

Halloween in Doha wouldn't be complete without these hilarious Christmas cookies. Of course there's no H-ween cookie dough to be found but you can absolutely find Christmas cookies this time year. Interesting, since Christmas isn't the preferred national holiday come December.

Almost time to Trick-or-Treat

Jacob and Barrrett definitely preferred a ride...

Cute little party favors from Miss Jackie!


Shannon said...

I LOVE their costumes! Those guns make the outfit....LOVE IT! Christmas cookies out for Halloween....hysterical! Love you and miss you! Just about another month until we get you back! yippee!

Caryn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those PRECIOUS army guys!! Great costumes, sorry I didn't think of it so we could spontaneously match :)

We got to enjoy the grand-pre today and thought you'd like to know Wyatt has declared your sweet Mom his in "that's my Jerry" :) apparently Stacey won't speak to her, but Wyatt is already possessive.

Sabina said...

Wow! And Jackie said she wasn't Becky Homecky!!! I believe she IS!
Love the boys in their costumes.

shannonmichaelis said...

i think you attract creative friends everywhere you go - love the favors from sweet jackie. love the costumes, the stories, the fun pizzas for the kids, all of it. i just love that you can somewhat continue on as if you were still over here. justin keeps asking when he gets to see brooks and barrett...