Saturday, November 28, 2009


It can be done! I think we successfully pulled off a true Thanksgiving in Doha. Obviously the most important thing is being with family and friends you love...check. Also the menu must reflect the favorites we love from home...check!
We had some of our close friends over for the finest Potluck-Thanksgiving Doha has ever seen. 16 adults and 18 kids! 7 of the 8 families were from Texas so the traditional southern expectations were high and lets just say it was one of the best meals we've all had in a very long time. Tasted just like home.
Our student minister at church said something I loved..."True thankfulness isn't what you say about your blessings its what you do with them". I pray that we actively participate with the numerous blessings we've been given in Doha and never take them for granted. Our friends have become family and we have far more than we need.

Donna, Wendi, Jackie

Gravy Mamas - Donna, Dede, Pam

Turkey carvers and tasters - Greg and Bailey

Amy and Julie

Can't go without a little football on Thanksgiving. We DVR'd the usuals on our Sling Box and tried to avoid hearing the final scores, since we actually had our Thanksgiving on Friday. All of our husbands worked on Thursday.

Just a few of the kids.

Karen and Jackie

Bit of the food

More of the unbelievable food...


Uncle Jerry and Brooks.
Jerry says he's the best grandparent here in Doha but he said he won't pay for Baylor, so we're not sure. The boys love him and Dede!

Amy and Dede with a true example of Doha's finest...eating troughs, like small casserole dishes. Work like a charm just ugly as heck.

Boy Table...Cooper, Luke, Bodie

Brooks and Brady

Macie and Barrett

Volstads and Kabells

Nick and the girls...

Macie and Barrett catching some iTunes together

Wouldn't be a true Junod party without washers...

Nick and Jerry

Jackie and Amy with the kiddos


I spy a bad attitude and dirty face...the night is officially over.


Caryn said...

WOW what a spread!! And how amazing to have a house full of friends across the world on Thanksgiving (or at least the day after).

Judging by his shirt perhaps uncle Jerry could be talked into paying for Texas Tech :) I'm foreseeing road trip to visit the boys in college!

I am SO thankful for you and your friendship. I can't wait to see you!

shannonmichaelis said...

Makes me miss you so badly looking at you with all those new friends! I need me a Wendi hug with a pregnant belly in between us. Cannot wait to get my hands on you and those boys. Only a little more than 2 weeks! And so impressive with that spread!

Six Halls said...

Wow, I am amazed at all that food. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see y'all soon.

angie said...

That looks like some good eats! I'm so thankful that you got to experience a wonderful Thanksgiving!