Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doha with Honey and Papa

We had a perfect visit with Honey and Papa while they were in Doha. Needless to say the feature of their week was seeing the Bees! Same for Brooks and Barrett. They loved every minute with H&P! We tried to spend most of our time out of the heat but its a little impossible to avoid it completely. We were all sad that Nick had to work during their visit but we had some lunch dates and agreed that our time in Italy together would be worth the wait. Here are a lot of pictures which is just a few of hundreds we took!

Villagio Mall

The boys have been saving the much anticipated gondola ride for Honey and Papa.
They loved riding the boat!
Great warm up for Italy...

Venice or Doha?

Later that day we visited the local Arabic markets (aka Souqs)
Its always an interesting place for visitors. I'm not sure why I planned to take them at the beginning of their visit. Qatar takes some warming up and the shocks need to ware off before you dive into the old Middle East. We all enjoyed it but its sure a good dose of culture.

As usual, Brooks rode the donkey!
Honey was a tad nervous letting him go by himself so far away from us.

I'll never forget this picture. Long story but I wasn't being disrespectful with my camera and I accidentally took a picture of a very nice (covered)Muslim woman. She kindly asked me to delete the picture. Italy better be ready for some serious public camera action. I'm not holding back! (but learned my lesson and I will when I'm back in Doha) I felt like a 3rd grader sent to the principal after that incident!

Dinner at Johnny Rockets with some nerdy Bees!

New PJ's from Honey!! We like to sleep with our characters and leave them there :)

How could Dad and Nick get together without a little handyman project??

Dad was a personal Lowe's shopper and he brought us a wide variety of locks to choose from. We have had some little boys and dogs escaping without supervision so we wanted some deadbolts we could install (high and out of reach).

Swimming at our Club House

Lots and lots of Memory!

I was so so glad Mom and Dad got to meet a few of our sweet neighbors (Biny and Brian- not pictured) as well as our close friends the Duncans and LaRoveres. We visited over the local food of choice - shwarmas, hummus, grape leaves, fotush, shish tawooq, etc.

Good ol American Trifle Dessert with Cool Whip and Jello Pudding that probably cost too much but was worth every Riyal (our local currency).

Visiting the Pearl (similar to Dubai's Palm)

Interesting Doha site just outside Landmark Mall...gotta love it! Muslims must cover for modesty but just throw those naked manikins in the back of the truck.

Circus Land...all time fun and a special treat for the boys.
Similar to Chucky Cheese without the pizza.

Here's to a terrific week with family in Doha. Thank you to Honey and Papa for making the flight over and enduring the awful heat! We absolutely enjoyed every minute!!!


shannonmichaelis said...

look at you doing a blog post while in Italy! so productive! we too have been playing Memory all week - my mom sent my old version home with Justin. he likes to put his finger on his chin and go "hmmmmm" while trying to not find the card right in front of him. i am king of that game - bring it on!!!! have a blast and drink some good wine for me!

angie said...

What a wonderful time with your family! I love all the pictures!!! Have a great time in Italy:-),

Jenise Livesay said...

Love all the fun you guys are having! your dads look back at the camera while installing the lock, hilarious! Riding the donkey also making me laugh for some reason. I'm loving seeing it all. I'll keep checking for more fun. Enjoy! Can't wait to see you!

Blair said...

i've been reading your blog and don't know why i haven't ever commented! i pray for ya'll and am super impressed with the courage you have to be so far away from friends and family! what a neat experience though and to be able to say that you did this, is amazing! i'm so glad that you got to have your parents there! i absolutely know that you loved that! i will keep you in my prayers. love, blair (dooley) email is (no blog though!!!)

Jenni said...

W~ When are you moving back? Are you moving back to Houston???

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

i just got caught up...all these pictures are amazing. i'm so glad your parents were able to visit you guys...such awesome memories!!! can't wait to see the rest of your pics from your trip!

can't wait to see you when you get back tomorrow!