Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Erin McCarley

Gotta put in a plug for a sista! Lookout...the next star is Erin McCarley (Baylor Pi Beta Phi sister of mine!) You must listen to her music. She's beautiful and so talented. She's already been heard on Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill and more. She's also been on Letterman and is making all kinds of fuss for being amazing! Slightly bigger deal than the All University Sing performances we were so proud have her in!!! Check out her video, website, iTunes, ringtones, etc. She's a star and a great girl! So excited to see her succeed in such a tough business. She's earned it herself and worked hard.




angie said...

Great stuff:) I am happy to hear this anytime! So cool that you know a famous person.

Ashley Hall said...

I watched a great Youtube of her the other day. Amazing she is making it in the music world! Doesnt she look so pretty! I was thinking the same thing...last I remember her singing was "How could I ask for more" at rush!!! ha!

nanflan said...

I have to check her out...she is all over FB with all my First Baptist peeps. Not so small world!