Sunday, April 14, 2013


As usual in Doha, Easter weekend feels unlike an American Easter.
Thursday after school we started the weekend off with dying some eggs.   And since we go to church on Friday, our morning service at Grace Fellowship was for both Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.
My big Brooks
 The three!
 And the rest of the weekend was spent just hanging with friends and enjoying each other.  
Nick was off to work on Easter morning but the kids were out of school.  We did a little bunny action!

 After hunting eggs we went to our compound pool to spend the day with our buddies.  The kids had a similar response to the women at the empty tomb when they saw their ASD principal at the pool!!  It was Mr. Heney!!  His family was hanging with some of our neighbors for the morning and enjoying the pool.  Its hard to believe...he actually leaves the school and has a real life!
 Lunch, poolside!
 Cuddle time, movie time and snacks...we made a day of it since the daddies were working. 
 Nick and I wrapped up our day with watching (and crying through) the Passion of the Christ.  God has proven Himself to be ever present in so many new ways since we have lived in Doha.  One of the most significant chains that has been loosened in my life revolves around American culture traditions.  Don't get me wrong...I love some family traditions and fun times but this Easter was a HUGE reminder that when the fluff is stripped away His Spirit, faithfulness, suffering, power and glory are a lot more obvious and of course still there!  I pray that as we move back to the capital of commercialism we can live balanced and less distracted lives that truly honor God. Doha lessons just keep coming! PTL!

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