Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Hiatus

We've been on a camera hiatus this week. Sweet baby sister has had the worst baby acne I've ever seen. Thanks to good friends, Uncle Jimmy (our pediatrician in Dallas) and Dr. Steve (Doha doc friend from Houston) we were able to diagnose and confirm it was sure enough, baby acne. Unfortunately doctors in Doha think that giving "any" answer is the right answer...clearly that can't always be trusted. So we stuck to our western roots for this one.

This has been the week from "you know where" in terms of heat. Summer has arrived. The temp in the afternoon is around 105 but it feels more like 110 or higher. All that to say the heat made Georgia's condition even worse. We have such cute warm clothes she can't wear. So with ease we took our first shopping trip to the Gap to get her some cool clothes. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Buying for girls, really is Trouble with a capital T!

Berrylicious was looking a little better yesterday.

This was Georgia on Sunday. It really was awful but didn't bother her at all. Just Mommy!

Miss G..accessories back on

Brooks is so glad he can kiss her cheeks now. We kept our kissing to the hands and feet.

Got a call this morning that the little mister had rice stuck in his ear at school. They were playing in a big bucket of uncooked rice. Barrett said his friend threw it in his ear...uh huh, sure! Nice aim for such a small ear. Thanks to Dr. Mommy's sterilized pedicure tools, the rice was easily removed rather than taking a much dreaded trip to the doc.

The truth...why be distracted with holding a baby when Mickey is on TV.

Just 10 days til we're TEXAS bound...that's if the dern volcano doesn't get in our way!


Ashley Hall said...

Oh bless her little heart! She is still the cutest thing ever and it looks so much better now! Hope the heat eases for yall a little! I love that outfit and blue bow!!She is still her daddy!

Caryn said...

Bless her precious little heart! Still a pretty as a picture.

10 DAYS WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! I was just wondering today when you'd be making your arrival back in Texas.

I know it is no dessert 110, but I can sympathize with the heat stroke just a smidge today - I have been waiting on the a/c guy to arrive all morning and MELTING in the process. Hope you can beat the heat for a few more days. LOVE YOU!

Sharon said...

OMG! Poor G!! I haven't seen anything that bad either! Bless your heart having to see your baby like that! :( I absolutely can not wait to see ya'll!!

Jackie said...

She is TOO cute!! And all those rolls on her legs! I love them!! :) Can't wait to hold her tomorrow and get some one-on-one time with Ms. Georgia!! :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Junods in Texas - been counting down the days until Houston!!! Sweet baby acne - still a precious sweet face.

Rice in the ears? I have heard about what comes out of a chinaman's butt, but the ears? :-)

And I am with Caryn - the weather is ain't fun!

The Wilsons said...

So so cute! She looks like Nick to me now!

Jennie and Eric said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea but so glad her cute little face is doing better! I think I need a visit with Miss G and you asap!

The Berridges said...

Poor Baby! I love her strawberries! Glad it's clearing up! Praying for safe and easy travels!

Shannon said...

Oh sweet little princess! Bless that little face....but you are probably hurt you more than her! I am so glad it is clearing up. She is still as pretty as ever and I cannot wait to get my hands on her in just a few short days! Love you!